Once again the game shifts and changes in accord to your votes and feedback. After gathering your answers and insight the charming hippo went for holidays and got replaced by a new topic.


The harsh and relentless reality of the academia! Now it's either Publish or Perish, as there is no other way to be the one recognised for the research and work in the name of science!

Play and learn how to make real science! Help Thesis the Hippo use the Scientific Method to solve logical mysteries. A game that is the best example of learning through play.

A new generation of business game for the new generation of players. Times change and so do companies, are you prepared for it? Have fun while building your first Million Dollar Startup!

You may win or lose, but you will do it gracefully! It's tea time and a couple of gentlemen get ready for a duel! You will not get too far without keeping your manners, good Sir!


Thanks to your participation a game was chosen. With over
200 votes Hippothesis rise up to the prototype stage. We are currently working hard on preparing it for further testing, so be sure to subscribe for more informations about the progress.

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